Good Morning Ladies! Blog Candy Coming!

Top of the morning to you all! I don’t have any cards to post, I guess I just really need to vent. I have been off from work for over 6 months now trying to recover from injuries and go back to work. You see, I need both of my knees replaced terribly because I can barely walk, but due to allergies to metals this is not an option for me. I went to the doctor’s office yesterday, again, about my knees but hubby went with me this time.  They finally wore me down and got me to agree to a Permanent Disability.  I have been argueing with the doctor about this for over 2 years now, but my most recent slip and fall incident in February has made me pretty much useless as far as the doctor is concerned in a working environment. I have no idea what all this Permanent Disability involves besides reams of paperwork and a major paycut, if I even get one when all of the dust settles.  I haven’t had a paycheck for the last 6 months so right now I’m afraid to even think about what the future holds in store for me. During this very low time in my life is when I discovered the beauty and love of card making–along with the cost of it too LOL.  I cannot even tell you how much I look forward to all of your blogs and your beautiful cards.  Maybe someday I will learn some of your craft just through your love of the craft too.

After spending many hours just feeling sorry for myself I decided there are things I can still do.  I just turned 50 years old – a wee bit to young to be put out to pasture.  Although I currently have to walk with a walker and the doctor has ordered a wheelchair (yuck) to get me out of the house, I am going to try a remember to count my blessings every day when I get up.  I have already looked into crocheting hats for babies and adults that need them due to chemo.  I also posted a link on my blog where you can make cards and donate them to a group of cancer survivors and their families.  I may not be able to get around but my heart is just as big as ever and I will find the way to help those in more need than myself.

Well, it’s after 2:00a.m. here and I guess my pity party time is up.  Thanks for allowing me to share this with you although I know this is not what our blog is about.  I think one of the first things I’m going to do is make up a reason to have a Blog Candy offering.  Yep, definitely the best idea I’ve had all night.  I feel better already just thinking about it!  I will post about it soon.

Thank you all so much for listening.

Take Care


God Bless!

Cheribella 🙂