Good Morning Ladies! Blog Candy Coming!

Top of the morning to you all! I don’t have any cards to post, I guess I just really need to vent. I have been off from work for over 6 months now trying to recover from injuries and go back to work. You see, I need both of my knees replaced terribly because I can barely walk, but due to allergies to metals this is not an option for me. I went to the doctor’s office yesterday, again, about my knees but hubby went with me this time.  They finally wore me down and got me to agree to a Permanent Disability.  I have been argueing with the doctor about this for over 2 years now, but my most recent slip and fall incident in February has made me pretty much useless as far as the doctor is concerned in a working environment. I have no idea what all this Permanent Disability involves besides reams of paperwork and a major paycut, if I even get one when all of the dust settles.  I haven’t had a paycheck for the last 6 months so right now I’m afraid to even think about what the future holds in store for me. During this very low time in my life is when I discovered the beauty and love of card making–along with the cost of it too LOL.  I cannot even tell you how much I look forward to all of your blogs and your beautiful cards.  Maybe someday I will learn some of your craft just through your love of the craft too.

After spending many hours just feeling sorry for myself I decided there are things I can still do.  I just turned 50 years old – a wee bit to young to be put out to pasture.  Although I currently have to walk with a walker and the doctor has ordered a wheelchair (yuck) to get me out of the house, I am going to try a remember to count my blessings every day when I get up.  I have already looked into crocheting hats for babies and adults that need them due to chemo.  I also posted a link on my blog where you can make cards and donate them to a group of cancer survivors and their families.  I may not be able to get around but my heart is just as big as ever and I will find the way to help those in more need than myself.

Well, it’s after 2:00a.m. here and I guess my pity party time is up.  Thanks for allowing me to share this with you although I know this is not what our blog is about.  I think one of the first things I’m going to do is make up a reason to have a Blog Candy offering.  Yep, definitely the best idea I’ve had all night.  I feel better already just thinking about it!  I will post about it soon.

Thank you all so much for listening.

Take Care


God Bless!

Cheribella 🙂


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Ladies! Blog Candy Coming!”

  1. Hi Cheribella,
    I have been looking at your cards for a while now whenever you say you have something new posted. Tonight I have come to read your problems.
    I am so sorry!
    First of all I can’t believe that there is nothing that is not made out of metal that they can fix your knees with??
    Secondly I am also on permanent
    disability – for different reasons than yourself. Yes there is a lot of paper work but your doctor will do most of it for you – at least here in Canada that was the way it was for me. I am now 58 and have been disabled for 20 years!! You will get a percentage of what you made a work and receive it in one monthly payment at the same time each month. I worked in an office as a secretary and did not make much money so I don’t receive much money. It does however go up a few dollars every year for the price of living. HA HA
    If you made a good living you should get a good income. You will receive it until you are 65 and then get the ‘Old age pension’ as we call it here in Canada. That is a much smaller amount of money so you should be aware of that coming along in the future. It took about 6 months for me to start getting the pension but I was able to walk – to see and to hear. They are the top reasons to receive it. You should get yours much much faster. When I did get mine – I got it back to the day I stopped working. I hope you will also. That will be 6 months of back pay for you in one lump sum.

    Now – what to do now that you know you can’t ‘work’ anymore. Why not sell your cards? Your work is consistantly good and I am sure there are stores that would love to have your cards. Remember they are hand made and to charge a resonalbe amount for them. That would help you recoup the cost of supplies and keep you busy. I find that when my mind is occupied making cards the time flies and my problems are not even thought about! If you think they aren’t good enough – I would say the more you make the better they get in a very fast amount of time.

    Your idea for making hats and cards for cancer victims is wonderful – you have already learned to think of others worse off than yourself and that is a great start. The depression is hard to deal with at times, but if you get up each day with a plan of to do things it will quickly go. Just remember every day is a new day. I am sure as time goes by and you know this decision has now been made – you will think of even more things to do to keep busy.
    I wish you all the opportunities that can possibly happen in your new life. Keep up your wonderful outlook! and you will have conqered the worst part of it all.

  2. Hi Cheri,

    I belong 2 bellaholics group with u & have never been 2 ur blog before, but I read ur blog this morning & wanted to say that u will be in my prayers. I am sorry for ur unfortunate circumstance, but the good news is, with the permanent disability diagnosis from ur doc, at least u will be eligible for SSI and have some income coming in. Just know that everything will work out the way it should, and God always provides! He has a plan for us even if we don’t understand. Good luck, lady, and BE STRONG! If u need anything, and I can be of assistance, I most definitely will do what I can!!


  3. Good Luck on your Permanent Disability. You will have to go to a doctor of their choosing too. But if you get it, it will be retroactive to the date that you filed for it! And if you get it you will also be eligible for Medicare after 2 years! If you & your hubby make under so much money (not sure what the amount is) you may also qualify for Medicade. Keep fighting for it!!! And God Bless you!!!

  4. Cheri~ you are in my thoughts and prayers! This has to be so difficult for you to deal with. My Dad has health problems and some day may be forced to go on disability as well….even though he doesn’t want to. It is a VERY difficult situtation to deal with so I am sending many HUGS to you! I feel so bad for you b/c you are still so very young. I wish there was something they could to to help you b/c of your allergy! May you know you are already doing such a wonderful thing making your hats for the chemo patients…that is a HUGE accomplishment! Your work is wonderful…I look forward to stopping by and seeing all of your cards you make! You very talented….and you should look into selling your cards to make a little bit of income to buy you some new supplies and to keep your mind going and busy with crafting…I swear it’s the best therapy out there!
    Lots of Love,

  5. Holy cow sistah!!! I am so sorry this has happened to you at such a young age. similar things have happened to my step-mom & it is truly frustrating!!
    You are a true inspiration & being able to speak as freely as you did above is amazing!! I am always here is you need a shoulder. PS isn’t stampin an amazing thing! Such a stress reliever!

  6. Gosh Cheri I’m so sorry but I’m glad you shared this information with us. It helps us get to know you a little better. And your blog should be about whatever you want it to be. Blogging without obligation and it is your perogative. Do you feel a little Bobbi Brown singing in your head? Go visit my blog girl. I have something there for you.

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