My First Whiff of Joy Card!

Hello All!

I have made a totally different style of card than usual for me.  This is my WoJ card challenge entry.  Even though my card does not compare to the quality of the other entries I did have fun trying.  Most of the other entries are on square cards and that allows much more space to work with but I chose to stay with the size I am used to.

This card was colored with my copics and copic Spica’s.  The papers are SU So Saffron cardstock and Brenda Walton-Neopolitan.  The stamp is from Whiff of Joy and I also used my JustRite designer center saying.



And the Winner Is!

First of all thank you to those of you that participated in my blog candy.  I know quite a few people looked at it but only 11 actually sent me links for their Halloween creations.  I think I learned by this…people would much prefer to just leave a comment than to work for a prize.  That can be good and bad I guess.  It’s good for those that actually enter – less competition, but when you are having the giveaway it’s very exciting to see people enter and to know someone is going to win.  So the more people that enter the more exciting it is.  Well enough of that.  At least I learned from this and maybe next time I will do something different – or not.

The winner is Jacquie Peifer and you can check out her entry at www.javablustamper.blogspot.com   Thank you Jacquie for entering and congrats on your win.  Please send me your mailing info and I will mail this out to you immediately.



“New Whiff of Joy Challenges”

To enter these challenges you have to go to http://wojmondaychallenge.blogspot.com/ where you will find below the current design sketch for each weeks contest. 

Katharinas Sketch

Katharina has also kindly donated the fantastic blog candy for this weeks challenge which is 3 WOJ OAKLEY IN THE BATHTUB stamps to give to 3 lucky winners (yes thats right 3) who will be chosen by Random Number Generator and announced next Wednesday. To be in for a chance to win these yummy stamps just leave a comment with a link to your work and we will put your name in the draw, remember the only rule is you must use at least one WOJ stamp on your creation.

After you have made you creation you must visit the above website for Whiff of Joy and follow all of the rules to participate.  Good luck to all.





A Few Tid-Bits

Happy Day Bellas!

It has been a very good day for me so far!  It started out with me opening my mailbox and getting a package from my bella sistah Danyel.  I absolutely love paper piercing using Ornare templates and she found a totally cool website and ordered a couple of them.  They were shipped directly to me and I just can’t wait to play with them.

You just place them on your card and use your paper piercer to punch the holes.  This gives you a very smooth design.  Much better than anything I can do freehand.  Danyel………you are the best, TY TY TY.

Next I was just checking out all of the blog candy offerings that have been going on and found out I actually won one of them.  Yay for me.  I won on Kim’s blogspot and I just can’t wait to see what I won.  I’ve never won anything before!!!!!

Last but not least I just want to remind everyone to enter my blog candy before midnight on Saturday.  It’s very easy to enter.  Just make something Halloweeny and show me a pic and you’re in.  If you don’t have a blog that’s okay too.  Just take a picture of whatever you made and send me a link.  Great candy so please don’t miss out.  Good luck to all!




Okay–I Give In!

Okay you guys…………………..I give.  I have now been tagged 4 times.  Does that mean I have to tell you 28 things about myself?  I sure hope not I would be writing a book.  Also, I don’t think there is anyone left to tag anymore so I will have to think about that.  I’m just getting this posted before I get tagged again.

I have been tagged in the following order as far as I know.

1.   Jacquie at www.javablustamper.blogspot.com

2.  Debby at www.debbysstuff.blogspot.com

3.  Katie at www.papermakeup.blogspot.com

4.  Mel at www.hulachickabella.blogspot.com



1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.  When I was in high school Bob Seger played at one of my school dances (many moons ago of course)  and he was great even then.

2.  I work for the USPS where I am Santa to about 700-800 children every year by personally answering their Santa letters.

3.  I am spoiled rotten………………hubby does all of the cooking!

4.  I think my bella friends are the greatest thing I have come across in many many years and I appreciate every one of their emails and comments.

5.  I am way too sentimental and mushy.  I can even cry for a commercial.

6.  I would give anything to move to Maui but I would settle for La Jolla, CA.

7.  I have three awesome grandchildren.  Yep, I’m a grandma.  Old enough to be mommy to most of you bellas.

I will post my tagged bellas later.  As I already said I just don’t want to get tagged again and take all of the fun away from someone else.

Hugz 🙂


Okay time to update with my first lucky 7 tagged buddies.

1. Danyel………my bella swap sistah, so she’s extra special www.psychostamper.blogspot.com

2. Lisa www.bylisac.blogspot.com

3. Courtney…please send her your prayers due to hurricaine Ike www.createdbycourtney.blogspot.com

4. Angela www.inkybutton.typepad.com

5. Sarah www.scrampinmama.blogspot.com

6. Charly www.charlyscrazycorner.blogspot.com

7. Lara www.youwantthecookie.blogspot.com

Have fun ladies……..You have now all been officially tagged.



Update on My Blog Candy & More!

Hello bellas.  If you have recently checked out my blog you already know I have a blog candy going on.  After talking to a couple of sistahs I have decided to change the way to win.  Most people are somewhat busy on Saturday’s and it would be very inconvenient to make everyone pay another visit to my blog just to vote.  Since that was brought to my attention, as long as this does not upset others, I will just choose the winner by a random drawing.  Please let me know if any of you have any problems with this.

Also, everyone needs to make it a point to visit Carolyn King at http://myblogbycammie.blogspot.com/ where she is having a ginormous Blog Candy going on right now until Friday, September 26th.  It will literally blow your socks off!

It all started out because her grandmother suffered with Alzheimer’s.  I understand this disease very well because my MIL also suffers with it.  It is a heartbreaking illness to watch anyone live with.  It effects the entire family and you just watch it worsen day by day knowing you can do nothing for the one you love.  You cry your tears in private and keep your smile on your face for everyone else because that is what’s expected of you.  You pray for their peace even though you don’t want to give them up.  I could go on and on but I won’t.

Anyway, here is my card which will go to my MIL because the one thing she does seem to still enjoy is colorful things.  She enjoys getting cards even though she has no idea what they say…she just enjoys the pictures.

Three companies that have donated to this great offer are Gina K. Designs, StampingBella and High Hopes Stamps.  Two individuals that have donated cards are Emily Giovanni and Nicole Taylor.

Hugz to all 🙂



Blog Candy as Promised!!!

Hello sistahs!  I said a while ago I wanted to offer blog candy but I really wasn’t quite sure how to do it or what to offer.  Well I really don’t know much more now, other than the fact personally I’m very unlucky and never win, but I’m offering candy anyway.

Just like everyone else of course there has to be a little catch right.  So here are the very simple rules.

1. You need to create anything for Halloween…card, candy bag, hat, etc, you decide.              

2. Leave me a link so that I can check out your awesome creations.  My real motivation here is to lift some of your ideas LOL.

3. You need to post a link to my blog on for all to see, including me.

4. All entries must be submitted no later than Saturday, September 27th at midnight and the winner will be posted on Sunday the 28th.

5. I thought I would be a little different here and let all of you choose the winning entry.  Please let me know what all of you think of that idea.  I could post images of all entries on Sunday the 28th and then the winner may not be posted until the 29th.  Or we can go the usual way and draw a random number.  Tell me what you think. Since this is my first time I am open to suggestions.  THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO A RANDOM DRAWING TO MAKE ENTERING LESS DIFFICULT FOR EVERYONE…NO VOTING.

So far the prize consists of a full sheet of uncut rubber for “Any man in your Life”.  You know how hard it can be to find any masculine stamps, well this is the perfect solution.  Also,  I have included a Fall glitter matstack of paper, 6 small sets of Halloween acrylic stamps, a six pack spool of fall color ribbons, a plastic pouch of flowers, some bling, and a small plastic divider that snaps shut from Archiver’s.  I plan on stamping out some images to go along with this blog candy–but those will be a surprise.  Since it’s still almost a week away who knows what I may add to this collection before the end of the contest.

I know this is an awful picture but you get the idea.

This is a copy of the uncut rubber stamps… what do you think? 

So get on it girls and please let me know which way you prefer to run this contest.  I am hoping for input from all of you.

Just thought I would sneek this in here since I was posting anyway.  This is for my SIL’s birthday. She loves her wine and the note inside will tell her the basket is full of Cheez-its because they are her fave.  This little cutie image is thanks to a wonderful friend out in blog land.  She was so much fun to color that I’m just going to have to get some of these Magnolia’s.

This one was so much fun to play with.  Originally I didn’t think about the ghosts so I put the strip of green paper behind the house.  Now it’s stuck there, oh well.

This is the card I tried to enter in the October homepage contest.  Unfortunately I waited too long and I don’t think it made it into the running.  Bummer for me since it was done way ahead of time.  Live and learn right, but the truth of the matter is I really didn’t know how to even get to the contest page until the email went out about the voting.  I guess I should have just asked duh.

That’s all for today ladies.  Hope all is well all over the world with our bella sistahs in so many different countries.

Hugz 🙂



Blog Candy Sketch Challenge

This week there is yet another prize up for grabs. YAY!! You will notice that all of us have done our creations with upcoming holiday themed Bellas {Halloween, Turkey Day, Christmas}. Emily has offered a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to the Bella site for those who participate in the sketch using their Bellas. You don’t have to use holiday images; you just have to have fun! So, here is the sketch {flipflop it if you need to accomodate your Bella}… You have to visit Jen at www.ihearttostamp.com to enter this one


So….again I tried one of these sketch challenges.  Let me tell you for me that is a capital C word.  Also I made this card after everyone went to bed and most of my supplies are in my bedroom closet.  Well, this is the best I could come up with ……….sorry…………but I did try right!  Maybe I will actually get lucky and win something for once.  Yay.  Oh Yeah, I’m really not liking the new SU colors but this is made using Pacific Point and Riding Hood Red.  Of course I did have to white wash over them to like them better, but I used them.  Good luck to all.

Hugz  🙂



Blog Candy By Kim!

Hello all.  Yes there is more Blog candy in the offering.  However, Kim is making you work for this one.  You can visit her at http://craftsbykim.blogspot.com/ and follow all of the instructions below to enter.

1. Complete the sketch challenge shown below;
2. Post a link to your creation in the comment section of this post; AND
3. Make sure to spread the word in a post on your blog about my PIF Challenge Blog Candy!

All entries must be received by Saturday, September 20th at midnight! I will post a random winner on Sunday, September 21st!
You have no idea how difficult this one was for me.  First of all I never follow sketches-I just make whatever comes to mind.  Then, I wanted to work with Trick-or-Treatabella and nothing seemed to look right.  The card actually looks a little better in person than the pictures but I must admit it isn’t one of my best.  This picture is way too bright but I wanted you to be able to see the paper piercing in the corners.  I love to paper pierce and I did it in a teardrop shape kind of like the shape bella was cut out in.  Of course you still have to click on the photo to see the effect I’m talking about.
This picture is a little better but of course it’s dark since I chose a black card duh.  What else can I expect right?  Well, I gave it a shot…hope the rest of you do too.  Good luck to all.
Great sketch Kim, too bad I’m not very good at it but here is my entry anyhoo.
Also, to celebrate the amazing number of hits I have recieved on my blog (can’t believe that many people really want to hear what I have to say) I will be posting blog candy no later than Monday.  It will be Halloween related and to enter you will need to create anything Halloween.  I thought by telling you today it gives you a little headstart to get your creative juices pumping!
Hugz 🙂


We have had nothing but rain here for days now.  I know so has everyone else right?  At least my house hasn’t floated away so I really shouldn’t whine about it.  Besides being dreary though, it just plain hurts and I’m on day four of a migraine.  I thought I was headed to the hospital Saturday night because it was so bad but I just took shot number 3 of Imitrex and tried to be still and quiet (you know, don’t breath or even move an eyelash).  It finally worked enough for me to go to bed and get a little rest.  I look like one of those ghouls you could put on a Halloween card right now and it would scare small children.

I know I have neglected all of my bella friends and my cards because hubby was on vacation all last week.  You know what that’s like.  Zero time to myself.  Didn’t even get to think about making a card without getting the evil eye.  So now it’s Monday and I can at least think about it.  With a migraine that’s about all I can do though.

The best thing about the weekend though was the mail.  Yep…the mail.  No bills, a few envies with images from friends around the world and best of all a visit from Mr. FedEx on Saturday afternoon during the middle of a monsoon.  He was dripping wet and I felt like I should offer him a towel or something but he just dropped the box and ran.  Poof…he was gone.  Anyway, my bella sistah Danyel sent me a box full of goodies!  She is so talented and she is stuck with me …poor thing.  I’m trying to improve though Danyel.  Maybe by the end of our three months I can come up with something as nice as what you have sent me.  Well, on to the goodies.

This is a picture of everything and shows you absolutely nothing right?  Well,she decorated a white gift bag with one of the new SU stamp sets.  I don’t know the name of it but I have used it at a demo.  This bag is adorable in pink and brown.  I sooo love pink and brown.  She even added a little tag to it~talk about cute.  Then there is a mini scrapbook kit for summertime fun and a package of 4 little magnetic clips.  These are great because I’m an avid reader and they will make perfect bookmarks.


See how adorable this bag is?  The photo isn’t all that great but with no sunshine it’s hard to get a great picture.  Of course the shadow is mine but you get the general idea of the quality right?

Danyel also sells Tastefully Simple so she sent me two yummy dip mixes.  Spinach & Herb and Bacon Bacon.

A roll of American Crafts ribbon in nice fall colors-perfect for right now of course.


Just look at this adorable badge holder mini photo album.  I can’t wait to put pictures of my grand-babies in it.  It will hold 12 pictures and I have 3 grand-kids.  Four pics of each…how perfect is that.

Just look at this cute little bag full of candy…yummy!!!

As soon as I got it out of the box my son had to open it and find out what was in it.  Of course…he’s a kid right?  Even if he is 6’2″ and 19 years old candy is candy you know.  Hard candy in lemon and other yummy flavors.  But the little bag is waay cute.  I’m going to have to copy this one Danyel~it’s too cute not to.  My nieces and nephews are going to love it filled with goodies for Halloween and again for Christmas.


The picture doesn’t show it very well but this is the best gift card holder I have ever seen!  I’m going to have to find out how to make this one.  The paper is all inked with  brown and I love the ribbon holder on the card.  Even the ribbon has been inked.  Wow Danyel….love it!




This little card says “you float my boat”.  The way everything has been colored it looks more like staining than anything else.  The tugboat was colored with pencils then popped for a 3-D effect along with the puffs of air.  Waaay cute.


I cannot even describe how awesome this card is.  Every one of the bellas have been paper pieced.  The corners are chipboard with silver pearls.  Around the edges of everything there is a silver zig zag line drawn with like a leafing pen.  Talk about “Wow” this card is it.  I just keep looking at it because it is so detailed.  Even the inside has a white rectangle affixed for writing but all of the edges have been inked softly to make it blend with the black.

Also included in my box is a great frame with a purple and green border, my faves.  The frame is acrylic with cute little white flowers and stems doodled on it.  Unfortunately I can’t get a good picture of it. Just take my word for it that it’s very nice.  Last but not least is a tube of little sprinkle hearts…how fun is that.  Thanks so much Danyel.  You’re the greatest.

Hugz 🙂



New Blog Candy!

Just found another great blog candy offering at http://dillydallydingle.blogspot.com/ with Adele.   Great blog…a must for all to check out.  Of course I wish all of you luck but this is one I really hope to win myself.

Just a heads up for all of you Bella Babes…there is blog candy to be had out there.  Visit Irina at http://everythingpapercrafts.blogspot.com/ to enter.  It took me forever to look around because there was just so much to see.  Check it out and enjoy.

You also need to visit Suzanne at Scrap Bitz http://scrapbitz.blogspot.com/ for more blog candy.  Another talented artist with the awesome Whiff of Joy stamps.  Wow…check her out too.  You don’t want to miss out.

Be sure to visit Nikki at http://bunny-zoes.blogspot.com/2008/09/blog-candy-20000-hits.html for more awesome blog candy…it’s going on everywhere right now!  Another great blog too.

Hugz 🙂



I Feel Like It Was Christmas This Week!

Take a look at these pictures!  These are all images my awesome bella sistahs sent to me this last week.  I sent out a request for Witchybellas and took up on a few offers…thanks to all of you.

The other images are just because.  I am going to try to put the correct name with each item.  If I make a mistake please someone let me know so that I can correct it.  When you see the shot of my table you will understand the confusion.

Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..to all.







These are from Sandye Curry for a

swap we did.

Awesome card and charms from Hulachickabella just because she’s a sweetheart!





This adorable All Punked Up card and images is from Christi Thorsen.  Isn’t she the best.  Thank you Christi.





Can you believe this?  Two cards in one week?  From none other than Debby Boltman with some Witchies.  Thanks Debby…love you like a sis.


More Witchies from a sistah Jackie Peifer who we all know and love.  Oooh I have wanted to color Oh so Pretty bella for a while now and look at those adorable little fairies!  Thank you Java!  You’re the best.




Just look at these perfect Witchies from LeAnne Dudley!  Wow, you write as nice as you stamp.  Thank you so much for stamping these for me.   Whew, finally all my witchies are here.


Suzann Northup sent the Dogwalkabella’s.  Don’t you kust love them.  I think it was Scrampin Mama that made an awesome card this week with this stamp without the dog part. What a great idea.  Thanks Suzann for such great images.

When I was looking for my little Witchies Sandi Dufern offered to send me Trick or Treat a Bella.  She then proceeded to do so without letting me know what she wanted in return.  I’m going to have to do something about that! But isn’t she great!   Sandi I mean but the stamp too of course.


Carri Hajnal sent me this great scrap-booking set and this adorable House Mouse card.  How sweet is that?  For no reason!!!  Who doesn’t just love House Mouse…you can’t even look at them without smiling.

Now you all know why I feel like it’s Christmas.  I feel so blessed with all of you wonderful women.  Where have you been all my life?  It was such a good week for all of these to come too.  Never have I needed a perk as badly as I needed it this week.  I finally let them know at work that the doctor has permanently disabled me and that is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I just turned 50 and I feel like life should just be starting….I shouldn’t be off work quite yet.  Thank you all for being such great friends.  I always look forward to hearing from all of you.  Hope life it treating you well =)