Hello All

Hello Bella Babes!  I will have cards to  post tomorrow but as of right now I haven’t even taken pictures of them yet.  At least I made some.  I must have been in the mode of think pink.  When you see them you will definitely understand.

The only reason I’m writing is because I am having great fun laughing at myself for an incident yesterday.  First off just a brief history.  I have been off from work totally since February 14, 2008 due to a slip and fall incident and I can barely walk.  I need new knees but that’s not going to happen because I’m allergic to metals.  Since I cannot get out often I have become somewhat of a hermit.  Yesterday, being the holiday, my dear hubby came over and asked me if I would like to go out for a drive~well of course anything to get out of the house.

We proceeded to drive to Saugautauck, Michigan.  We live in the Southeast corner of the state and Saugautauck is in the Southwest corner of the state right on Lake Michigan.  Nice beautiful drive maybe just a little too long (about 3 hours each way).  Now this all started out because I needed new house shoes, slippers or whatever you prefer to call them.  Mine have worn out along with my dog Lucy’s help.  She is a ShiTzu which I think really translates into Little Shit but I digress.

We got to Saugautauck and had a great lunch right on the water watching the beautiful boats come in.  I’m sure hubby and all of the men were enjoying it much more that the ladies.  There was one woman in particular that was stretching as best she could trying to pop out of her little bikini while she was tying down all of the ropes and then jumping around and zipping things closed on the upper deck of the huge boat.  I guess she didn’t have enough to pop out anywhere because it wasn’t for lack of trying.  Again I digress.  I haven’t been out of the house in so long that I will probably detail you to death and you will quit reading before the end.

This is just a small little artsy fartsy town with not a whole lot to do in it which makes it awesome.  There are all kinds of little boutiques with amazing things in them and you could spend a fortune and never know what hit you.  The whole time we were there a band was playing down by the water under a gazebo and they were actually very good.  Okay, on to the house shoes.  We went into the store called Landsharks that I have to check out every time we go there because they have such different shoes there than here where I live.  I find my slippers so easily it was almost scary and kind of burst my bubble.  You know, like now what, this is just the first store and the only thing we came for right.  Well, as hubby is paying my eyes zero in on a sandal another woman is holding.  The sandal is like a maroon patent leather with stitching on the top and like a little knot on top of the left sandal and a quilted puffy I don’t know what it is on the top of each of the sandals.  All I know is they are way cool.  Hubby comes over and says okay lets go and I’m trying to shhh him.  He looks at me like I’ve suddenly grown 2 heads because I am actually ducking and he has no idea what is going on.  Okay gals~you know what’s going on right?  She is holding MY sandal and I’m waiting for her to put it down.  What has me so tickled about this whole story is visualizing it now.  This is a very small store with creaky wooden floors and if there are 15 customers it would be packed.  I am standing on the opposite side of a circular stand of shoes from this lady and the stand doesn’t even come up to my chest.  So here I am, with bright red hair, I use a PINK walker to get around that is all pimped out with 4 wheels, hand brakes, a seat and a basket.  With all of this here I am cowering behind a round of shoes waiting for the other woman to put down the sandal.  Aaah, she finally puts it down and I have Mark rush over and pick it up for me.  It’s one of those sandals where it’s a thong but it has a toe loop for your big toe.  My big toe just slipped in there like the sandals were made for me.  As I was trying them on every other woman in the place wanted them and it was literally the only pair in the store.  Since they fit so perfect Mark called me Cinderella because they were meant to be and he went and paid for them with my old tennie runners in the box and I walked out with the coolest sandals in all of Saugautauck for the day!  I hope you get at least a little chuckle out of this so you don’t just sit there and think I’m a complete nutcase LOL.

That was my lovely holiday I hope the rest of you had an enjoyable day too.  Even though I’m sure you didn’t embarass yourself or anyone else for that matter by trying to be invisible.

Bella Hugz 🙂



5 thoughts on “Hello All”

  1. I JUST LOVE THIS STORY!!! And totally love and believe that Shi Tzu’s are supposed to be called that very same as you called it!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!


  2. I think the description of yourself should be given to Emily for a new Bellas idea! =) A Bella with bright red hair, a pimped out walker and really cool slippers…good stuff! =)

  3. You are so not a nutcase! I love it LOL! I want to be that girlfriend by your side so see you and encourage you! Where’s the sandal?!?!? I wanna see that sandal!!!! Something about you feels so familiar. I just love talking to you and need to say I’m so glad I found you! You soooo make me smile. !

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