More Blog Candy Alerts!

Just thought I would let you all know about another blog candy offering’s out there.  

You can visit Loreen at http://loreenny16.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment for her to enter.  Then just post a blinkie for Wish on a Scrap on your blog and voila…you are in.  Easy peasy. 

I Love Wish On A Scrap

JThere is another blog candy offering at http://scrappingmommy.blogspot.com/ which runs until Friday, September 5th. 

Karen at Karen’s Creation is offering blog candy until September 14th at http://www.karenscreation.blogspot.com/

Christine at Crafling’s Cozy Corner is offering blog candy until September 15th and you can find her at http://craftlingscosycorner.blogspot.com/2008/08/10k-blog-candy.html

Christine is asking for our personal insight regarding Word Veification when you are kind enough to take the time to leave someone a message on their blog.  Should you have to go through the word verification process.  Personally I never thought too much about it until I read her take on it but I immediately made sure it was not on my blog after that. 

I appreciate it when anyone takes the time to leave me a message, so why make it any more time consuming for them to do so.  I have just had my blog for 1 month today.  I checked my stats after reading Christine’s blog and realized I already have over 1200 hits in 30 days.  Personally every time I visit a blog I try to leave a message even if it’s one sentence just to let that person know that I appreciate the time it took them to share their life with me.  Just think how nice it would be if we all did that and how much faster it would be if we didn’t have to fool around with the word verification.  Christine…I’m with you on this one.

Java at Javablue is also offering her first ever blog candy just because she is great that way.  All you have to do is visit her site and leave her a comment at http://www.javablustamper.blogspot.com  Be sure and take the time to read over her blog though because she is a hoot and I just love to read about her life. 

Good luck to all on the blog candy!



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