I Feel Like It Was Christmas This Week!

Take a look at these pictures!  These are all images my awesome bella sistahs sent to me this last week.  I sent out a request for Witchybellas and took up on a few offers…thanks to all of you.

The other images are just because.  I am going to try to put the correct name with each item.  If I make a mistake please someone let me know so that I can correct it.  When you see the shot of my table you will understand the confusion.

Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..to all.







These are from Sandye Curry for a

swap we did.

Awesome card and charms from Hulachickabella just because she’s a sweetheart!





This adorable All Punked Up card and images is from Christi Thorsen.  Isn’t she the best.  Thank you Christi.





Can you believe this?  Two cards in one week?  From none other than Debby Boltman with some Witchies.  Thanks Debby…love you like a sis.


More Witchies from a sistah Jackie Peifer who we all know and love.  Oooh I have wanted to color Oh so Pretty bella for a while now and look at those adorable little fairies!  Thank you Java!  You’re the best.




Just look at these perfect Witchies from LeAnne Dudley!  Wow, you write as nice as you stamp.  Thank you so much for stamping these for me.   Whew, finally all my witchies are here.


Suzann Northup sent the Dogwalkabella’s.  Don’t you kust love them.  I think it was Scrampin Mama that made an awesome card this week with this stamp without the dog part. What a great idea.  Thanks Suzann for such great images.

When I was looking for my little Witchies Sandi Dufern offered to send me Trick or Treat a Bella.  She then proceeded to do so without letting me know what she wanted in return.  I’m going to have to do something about that! But isn’t she great!   Sandi I mean but the stamp too of course.


Carri Hajnal sent me this great scrap-booking set and this adorable House Mouse card.  How sweet is that?  For no reason!!!  Who doesn’t just love House Mouse…you can’t even look at them without smiling.

Now you all know why I feel like it’s Christmas.  I feel so blessed with all of you wonderful women.  Where have you been all my life?  It was such a good week for all of these to come too.  Never have I needed a perk as badly as I needed it this week.  I finally let them know at work that the doctor has permanently disabled me and that is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I just turned 50 and I feel like life should just be starting….I shouldn’t be off work quite yet.  Thank you all for being such great friends.  I always look forward to hearing from all of you.  Hope life it treating you well =)



7 thoughts on “I Feel Like It Was Christmas This Week!”

  1. You are sooooo welcome Cheri!! Ihope I was able to brighten up your day a little!! So sorry that you had to go thru that this week! Your life can start anew, in another direction!! Who knows? Right? Sky’s the limit!! Take care and keep your spirits up!!!

  2. Well,,,love you like a Sis too! Thank you! And I am glad both envies arrived. You can call on me anytime my dear! Im glad it’s Friday. Cleaned 2 houses today and I’m pretty much done. Covering my grey tomorrow so no one can guess how old I am (right…it’s all in the face. I’m only fooling myself..)and all will be good with the world. Cheers! I’m off to bed. Not feeling well today. Love ya!

  3. Wow, What a Bella haul! I am so glad I could be a part of your happy mail. Cant waiy to see what you create with all those images!

    MWAH Sistah

  4. Wow are you ever going to be busy!! LOL! If you ever need any more take a look at my blog and see my list of bella’s. It’s on the r/h side near the bottom and if you find anything you need just let me know. Have fun!!!

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