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We have had nothing but rain here for days now.  I know so has everyone else right?  At least my house hasn’t floated away so I really shouldn’t whine about it.  Besides being dreary though, it just plain hurts and I’m on day four of a migraine.  I thought I was headed to the hospital Saturday night because it was so bad but I just took shot number 3 of Imitrex and tried to be still and quiet (you know, don’t breath or even move an eyelash).  It finally worked enough for me to go to bed and get a little rest.  I look like one of those ghouls you could put on a Halloween card right now and it would scare small children.

I know I have neglected all of my bella friends and my cards because hubby was on vacation all last week.  You know what that’s like.  Zero time to myself.  Didn’t even get to think about making a card without getting the evil eye.  So now it’s Monday and I can at least think about it.  With a migraine that’s about all I can do though.

The best thing about the weekend though was the mail.  Yep…the mail.  No bills, a few envies with images from friends around the world and best of all a visit from Mr. FedEx on Saturday afternoon during the middle of a monsoon.  He was dripping wet and I felt like I should offer him a towel or something but he just dropped the box and ran.  Poof…he was gone.  Anyway, my bella sistah Danyel sent me a box full of goodies!  She is so talented and she is stuck with me …poor thing.  I’m trying to improve though Danyel.  Maybe by the end of our three months I can come up with something as nice as what you have sent me.  Well, on to the goodies.

This is a picture of everything and shows you absolutely nothing right?  Well,she decorated a white gift bag with one of the new SU stamp sets.  I don’t know the name of it but I have used it at a demo.  This bag is adorable in pink and brown.  I sooo love pink and brown.  She even added a little tag to it~talk about cute.  Then there is a mini scrapbook kit for summertime fun and a package of 4 little magnetic clips.  These are great because I’m an avid reader and they will make perfect bookmarks.


See how adorable this bag is?  The photo isn’t all that great but with no sunshine it’s hard to get a great picture.  Of course the shadow is mine but you get the general idea of the quality right?

Danyel also sells Tastefully Simple so she sent me two yummy dip mixes.  Spinach & Herb and Bacon Bacon.

A roll of American Crafts ribbon in nice fall colors-perfect for right now of course.


Just look at this adorable badge holder mini photo album.  I can’t wait to put pictures of my grand-babies in it.  It will hold 12 pictures and I have 3 grand-kids.  Four pics of each…how perfect is that.

Just look at this cute little bag full of candy…yummy!!!

As soon as I got it out of the box my son had to open it and find out what was in it.  Of course…he’s a kid right?  Even if he is 6’2″ and 19 years old candy is candy you know.  Hard candy in lemon and other yummy flavors.  But the little bag is waay cute.  I’m going to have to copy this one Danyel~it’s too cute not to.  My nieces and nephews are going to love it filled with goodies for Halloween and again for Christmas.


The picture doesn’t show it very well but this is the best gift card holder I have ever seen!  I’m going to have to find out how to make this one.  The paper is all inked with  brown and I love the ribbon holder on the card.  Even the ribbon has been inked.  Wow Danyel….love it!




This little card says “you float my boat”.  The way everything has been colored it looks more like staining than anything else.  The tugboat was colored with pencils then popped for a 3-D effect along with the puffs of air.  Waaay cute.


I cannot even describe how awesome this card is.  Every one of the bellas have been paper pieced.  The corners are chipboard with silver pearls.  Around the edges of everything there is a silver zig zag line drawn with like a leafing pen.  Talk about “Wow” this card is it.  I just keep looking at it because it is so detailed.  Even the inside has a white rectangle affixed for writing but all of the edges have been inked softly to make it blend with the black.

Also included in my box is a great frame with a purple and green border, my faves.  The frame is acrylic with cute little white flowers and stems doodled on it.  Unfortunately I can’t get a good picture of it. Just take my word for it that it’s very nice.  Last but not least is a tube of little sprinkle hearts…how fun is that.  Thanks so much Danyel.  You’re the greatest.

Hugz 🙂



8 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Maybe you’ll get some sunshine this week to help you out. I’m so happy you liked everything! Now, I just need to figure out what’s next!

    aka Nelliebella

  2. Oh my gosh everything is so fabulous! You are a lucky gal indeed! Hope you are having a great day!

  3. These are awesome!! What a wonderful surprise to brighten your weekend.

  4. Geez Cheri!! I sure hope you are better fast!! I can’t even imagine how you must have felt,feel! My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!! Your sistah is so lucky to have you!! She sent you an awesome card!! Take care!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Enjoy your goodies your lucky girl! 🙂 You so deserve it! That black and white bella card is so awesome!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. WOW…you lucky girl!! Everything is just adorable! Enjoy all your goodies!

  7. That is so awesome! It looks like you have yourself a wonderful Bella sistah!
    Enjoy your goodies!

  8. Thanks so much for posting your goodies! I am new to this and don’t really know what to send. I get it now! =)

    Mel =)

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