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Blog Candy as Promised!!!

Hello sistahs!  I said a while ago I wanted to offer blog candy but I really wasn’t quite sure how to do it or what to offer.  Well I really don’t know much more now, other than the fact personally I’m very unlucky and never win, but I’m offering candy anyway.

Just like everyone else of course there has to be a little catch right.  So here are the very simple rules.

1. You need to create anything for Halloween…card, candy bag, hat, etc, you decide.              

2. Leave me a link so that I can check out your awesome creations.  My real motivation here is to lift some of your ideas LOL.

3. You need to post a link to my blog on for all to see, including me.

4. All entries must be submitted no later than Saturday, September 27th at midnight and the winner will be posted on Sunday the 28th.

5. I thought I would be a little different here and let all of you choose the winning entry.  Please let me know what all of you think of that idea.  I could post images of all entries on Sunday the 28th and then the winner may not be posted until the 29th.  Or we can go the usual way and draw a random number.  Tell me what you think. Since this is my first time I am open to suggestions.  THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO A RANDOM DRAWING TO MAKE ENTERING LESS DIFFICULT FOR EVERYONE…NO VOTING.

So far the prize consists of a full sheet of uncut rubber for “Any man in your Life”.  You know how hard it can be to find any masculine stamps, well this is the perfect solution.  Also,  I have included a Fall glitter matstack of paper, 6 small sets of Halloween acrylic stamps, a six pack spool of fall color ribbons, a plastic pouch of flowers, some bling, and a small plastic divider that snaps shut from Archiver’s.  I plan on stamping out some images to go along with this blog candy–but those will be a surprise.  Since it’s still almost a week away who knows what I may add to this collection before the end of the contest.

I know this is an awful picture but you get the idea.

This is a copy of the uncut rubber stamps… what do you think? 

So get on it girls and please let me know which way you prefer to run this contest.  I am hoping for input from all of you.

Just thought I would sneek this in here since I was posting anyway.  This is for my SIL’s birthday. She loves her wine and the note inside will tell her the basket is full of Cheez-its because they are her fave.  This little cutie image is thanks to a wonderful friend out in blog land.  She was so much fun to color that I’m just going to have to get some of these Magnolia’s.

This one was so much fun to play with.  Originally I didn’t think about the ghosts so I put the strip of green paper behind the house.  Now it’s stuck there, oh well.

This is the card I tried to enter in the October homepage contest.  Unfortunately I waited too long and I don’t think it made it into the running.  Bummer for me since it was done way ahead of time.  Live and learn right, but the truth of the matter is I really didn’t know how to even get to the contest page until the email went out about the voting.  I guess I should have just asked duh.

That’s all for today ladies.  Hope all is well all over the world with our bella sistahs in so many different countries.

Hugz 🙂



20 Responses

  1. Here is a Halloween card I made using an always-adorable House Mouse stamp:

    Love your cards. I think I may be convinced I need that haunted house folder now!

  2. What an AWESOME Blog Candy offering! SOOO GENEROUS! I love those cards too!! Stopped by to say you have been TAGGED! Come visit my blog, when you have a chance! Take care!

  3. Very cute! Love the haunted house!

  4. Awesome cards!!! I love the one done in black! So kewl!! And also your blog candy is such a treat!!! Can’t wait to see the enteries!!
    Gay Ferland

  5. Great blog candy!! I am like you and don’t know how it works! but i can follow your rules:)
    Here is my card
    I will leave a link to your blog on mine as soon as i am done typing this:)
    Your cards are amazing!! love the haunted house!!
    Ok i hope i did this right:)

  6. My dear friend I will try to participate. How generous of you to offer blog candy. You know what’s funny is everytime I try to type blog I end up with glob and have to retype. I do this everywhere! Anyway cool stuff. I’m gonna try and BTW. Please visit my blog. You have been tagged my dear.


  7. Those Bellas are fabu-licious!

  8. fun witchy cards!!!! I need to bust out witchybella soon!

    I tagged ya on my blog as well. 🙂

  9. Cute cards! I added a link to your candy as well as the card I made so I can enter. Its all on my blog at http://n8tvtexan.blogspot.com/

  10. Ok, I thought I had left this already. Maybe I need more sleep, I dont know. lol anyway. I love your cards! the Halloween ones are great! I added info about your blog candy on mine. I also put the Halloween card I made on there so I could enter yours. http://n8tvtexan.blogspot.com/

  11. I am super excited about you candy!! Please check out my entry on my blog!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  12. Woo-Hoo I got my entry done in time! YAY!!!! What great candy you care giving away! I would love to win….love that glitter paper you have in your candy!!!! Your Halloweenie cards are beautiful! Great work!

    You can check out my project here.

    Hugs~ Kim

  13. Yeah, I just posted my entry for your contest! My first blog candy contest! I would love to win your awesome blog candy! I do not have any masculine things to work with. I love your cards, visit your blog daily! I especially am really liking the witchy card from Tiddlyinks and the Haunted House cards! Halloween is my favorite time of year! So much fun!

    You can see my entry here: http://hotpeppermom.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful and thoughtful comments you have left on my blog as I begin my adventure into the blogging world!

    TGIF! Sandie

  14. Hi, Very nice cards. Great Candy, I’d love to win it. Her is my card and I linked your candy. Keep up the great work.

  15. Hey there Cheri! How are you? Here is my entry for your candy!! It’s not as beautiful as your Witchybella, but, hey what can I say!!! I have had your candy posted on my blog and you can view my card below. I am not sure how to cfreate a link on this comments section. Sorry!!

    Thanks for the chance to win and take care!!

  16. I loved your blog candy so I knew I had to play but I have the hardest time with Halloween cards. I do have one but I can’t show it until after Wednesday so I made this quick one: http://cici510.blogspot.com/2008/09/spooky-saturday.html I hate how it turned out but maybe you can check out my blog next Thursday and see a much better one. LOL Thanks for the chance at this awesome blog candy!!

  17. Awesome card and awesome blog candy!! Check out my entry here: http://sarahmarmstrong.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-entry.html

  18. Awesome card and awesome blog candy giveaway. Here’s my entry for the blog candy… http://sarahmarmstrong.blogspot.com/2008/09/my-entry.html

  19. I love your card!! Your blog candy is pretty cool too, so I thought I’d play along…here’s my entry:


  20. I have a Halloween gift bag on my blog. I think I am too late to enter but I love the idea of getting new ideas for Halloween. http://cardsandcoffee.blogspot.com

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