New Bellas & Little Monkeys Storage System!

Well, here it is about 2:00 a.m., the middle of the night. and I am writing my blog.  This is actually my usual time for writing.  So if things are a little quirky or don’t make sense the fact that it’s waaay past bedtime could have something to do with it.  However, at this time, nobody is calling my name for anything, the dogs are snoring and even my phones aren’t ringing.  This is the most peaceful time of my day and I cherish it. How about it…are there any more night owls out there like me?

Anyway, I had to make a card for our daughter’s birthday party which is this Sunday.  Since I am not going to mail it to her I went outside of the traditional 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 size card I usually make.  This card is 5 x 5 which gives you quite a bit of room to decorate versus the smaller cards.  Not that it matters much to me since I still consider myself lucky just to complete a card.  Another problem with making different shaped cards is where do you get the envelopes to fit them.  I bought a tool at Archiver’s that helps you make envies any size you want them and it also helps you make your envies in what I would call a 3-d effect pattern.  It raises the sides of the envies about 1/8″ deep all around (great help for mailing cards with embellishments on them).  I have already made a few of my own envelopes and it is quite simple to do.  I just used my white cardstock paper and used red double sided sticky tape on all of the seams.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of one of them before I mailed them out but I didn’t.  Maybe next time.  All I can say is that I get my white cardstock (Georgia Pacific) from Sam’s Club for $7.22 for 250 sheets of paper.  This paper makes the most durable envelope I have ever seen.  This is my Daughter’s B-Day card and as I said it’s 5 x 5.  The shopping is so her, and that’s exactly what she has asked for…money to shop.






This card is for the Whiff of Joy card Challenge for this week.  The only stipulation is to use fall colors on this card.  This card is stunning in person but unfortunately my camera does it no justice.  Either it’s too old or I have let the grandchildren drop it one too many times.

The second photo shows the colored leaves that I put on the inside of the card.  It was just so brown it needed something.  This card has been made with SU Chocolate chip, Pumpkin Pie, Old Olive and the DP was from a matstack of Debbie Mumm.  Everything was colored with my Copics with the exception of the inside of the card.  That was done with my SU markers on a stamp so that I could just huff on it to make it stamp (oops so was the grass on the front of the card).















I have included pictures here of my Little Monkeys Storage System for all of your loose acrylic stamps.  It is an awesome way to keep them organized without having to dig through drawers for them.  The set comes with 6 cards and sleeves that measure 8×8 and I ordered an additional set of 3 sleeves.  I can already see that I will need more but what a wonderful way to keep everything organized

and easily accessible.[

I hope all of you are having a blessed week and I will try my best to have a great one too.  Before I forget, I would like to thank Kim for sending me her awesome blog candy…yes I was the lucky winner of that one.  Thank you to Debby for the awesome Halloween card (with scent – yummy) and thank you to Jacquie for another one of her awesome cards.

As I have said over and over Bellas are the best!!!

Hugz to all 🙂



10 thoughts on “New Bellas & Little Monkeys Storage System!”

  1. Love the cards! Thanks for sharing photos and comments about the storage system. I’ve been toying with getting it and now you’ve helped me decide! Have a great weekend!

  2. I was wondering why I could not comment on your other site. I love your cards. Your daughter is going to really enjoy hers. What great colors. I also love the cards done from the weekend. So cute!!! Where would i go to investigage swapping other images besides bellas? I just received some High Hopes & a Sugar Nellie & would love to get some more of those or some others. Where have you looked? Thanks for the help as always!!

  3. Beautiful cards! Your daughter is going to LOVE that bday card! And that WOJ card is AWESOME…I am in love with it! GREAT work!
    hugs~ Kim

  4. Love your cards. Everytime I come over here you just seem to be getting better & better! I love the monkey business system. I might have to look in to that. I have stamps everywhere. Can’t find a thing. Have a great weekend!

  5. The cards are beautiful!!! Also, thanks for showing off your Little Monkey’s system. I LOVE mine and I’m so happy you do too!


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