Prezzie’s from my Bella Sistah!

Sorry I’m a little late.  This came on Monday and it’s already Saturday but I still wanted to make sure I give a big Thank Youto Danyel, my Bella Sistah.  I received a FedEx box that was filled with goodies.  I did my best to take pictures for you but a photographer I am not!Although this picture is fuzzy it gives you an idea of how full the box was right.This was a little canister that had a pack of gum (on the left) a couple of ink pens, a candle and 2 small cards inside of it.  Also Danyel made a little box out of card stock and put 3 small cards inside of it.

With this picture I tried to include as much as I could.  As you can see there are stickers, ribbons, yarn, coasters, SU discontinued cardstock (thank you very much), buttons, dimensionals, a jumbo clip, drink mixes from Tastefully Simple…

More great cards………can you all see that Cruella Card???????? and let’s not forget Maisy Sunshine one of my favoritest Chichi’s.  Thank you Danyel.  Hugz 🙂