Two Posts In one Day…Wowza!!

Of course this one is also for a blog candy offering going on at Kim’s page at Wish on a Scrap.  I always love to see what Kim is up to…because she’s always up to something…and she’s very good at it.  Yes, I know that was a very long run on sentence but you get my gist right.

Anyway, you have to make a card that incorporates the way you personally dress.  Colors, style, hair color….hopefully not wrinkles hehe.  My card is of a girl painting wearing blue jeans (my staple since I have been off from work) a green top and red hair.  That’s all me.  If I could have done her eyes they would have been green too.  Of course she is make a picture for a card right?


Hugz to all again,

Mwah to da sistahs,