Thank You

Awards From My Blogging Friends!

I have been very behind in picking up awards from some of my blogging friends.  I do hope all of you will accept my sincere apologies for being so lacking as a friend as I promise to try and do better.

I have a few awards to list here and I would like to give a huge Shout Out and “Thank You” to those of you that have bestowed these upon me.

The first award here is from Susan on January 7, 2009, thank you very much. 


This award is also from Susan on November 27, 2008.  Again, thank you very much.

This award is from my wonderful friend Jacquie on November 19, 2008.  Thank you very much.

I received this beautiful award from my dear friend Janet on January 12, 2009.  Thank you very much.
If I have missed any of the awards that have been sent my way it has not been intentional.  If you would like to point it out to me I will be more than happy to correct the issue.
We all know that with every award there are rules that you need to pass out the awards to others that you fee are deserving of it.  I feel every one of my cyber friends are deserving of each of these awards and I cannot possibly list all of you.  So, to you my friends, here are you awards.  Please post them proudly on your blogs because you have all earned them.