New Cards!

I know I am behind but I have made a couple of cards that I am willing to post.  Not my best but I’ve done worse too.
bella-cards-556This next card is supposed to have 7 embellishments on it.  For anyone that knows me that is IMPOSSIBLE!!!  So, I’m hoping my 12 little bling dots will count for something for my SBS25 group 🙂bella-cards-577So what do you think?  Do bling dots count as embellishments?


7 thoughts on “New Cards!”

  1. Hi!! Your cards are beautiful!! It’s a pity you don’t blog more often 😉 you have talent! Thanks for coming on my blog to visit.. even though you stalk (come without leaving a comment for me to know you’ve been there) 🙂 I apreciate that my blog is listed on your favourites. Thanks again and hugs xx

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