A New Boy Card

Hello all.  Although I have tried to be a better blogger I’m not really doing much better than before.  Last night I was up until 3am making a birthday card for my grandson.  Yes, it was last minute but before that I was actually going to buy one. 

I’m not very good with cards in general and I don’t have any stamps for young boys.  So, I was visiting with a friend yesterday and she had just gotten this set of stamps in the mail.  I stamped out a few images and thought I might play around with them if I felt like it.

After our normal 2 hour dip in the hot tub I decided to color the little spaceships and see which one I liked.  Since I couldn’t decide which one I liked best I just HAD to use them all lol!  Without further ado…here is my 3am spaceship birthday card.  Good thing Leo is only 6 years old.
bella-cards-592Before I forget and think I have to write another post…Leo loved his card- — it was certainly colorful don’t you think.  That’s probably the only reason I was able to stay awake so long working on it, because of the bright colors.


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