Finally….ALMOST Have a Craft Room

Well, I have just spent the majority of the holiday weekend trying to put together a craft area so that I can try to start making cards again.
In the past whenever I have tried to work on anything it has been on the kitchen table and that just doesn’t seem to work out.  When I
just so that I would quit whining about it.  Before he could change his mind I jumped on the idea and star
ted moving my stuff right in ~smile~get tired of  working on them there is a major mess…when hubby comes home there is a major mess…when I’m done there is a major mess…whenever I need something and can’t find it-it’s because there is a major mess.  You get the picture right.  Anyway hubby finally conceded to give up part of the office

When things are all done I will post some pictures but I’ve got to tell you it was awesome to sit at my own little table in my own little chair and play!  Even at midnight after hours of moving things and I couldn’t hardly move lol!
My mom lives with us and she calls it my Batcave because I don’t seem to want to come out.  I mean come on I have all of these cool toys, all in one place, that I couldn’t get to before!  Why would I come out now?

Okay, on to other things.  I have come across a new blog, new to me anyway, that is offering this amazing blog candy:

To check out this amazing candy, and the equally amazing lady behind it, just give True a visit.  Be sure to leave her some love cuz she really needs it right now.



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