I’m a Copic Certified Designer…WooHoo!

Hello everyone…I am so excited.

I am now a Copic Certified Designer!  Debbie Olson taught the class in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday, June 12th and it was great fun.  I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone.  She is very casual and answers anything that’s thrown at her.  She even drew pictures on a board to give us better visuals of what she was saying.  Love all of her work anyway and her personality definitely matches the charm of her work.

I learned quite a bit about the markers themselves, like how I was refilling them incorrectly, and all of the different markers and the different tips on them.  That was actually quite educating to me.  The most versatile marker is the original Copic that you can get 9 different nibs for…and it has the perfect tip to get in all of those little hard to get areas. Anyway I could go on and on but this isn’t a class lol!

Debbie just emailed me my blog logo to put on my sidebar……

don’t you just love it?  I do.  Now I just have to go and put some of my new knowledge to work right? Unfortunately I’m still recovering from the trip and class.  It was a long day for me and it literally kicked my butt-but it was worth it!  It was also worth every penny I paid to go; so if anybody is wondering if they should spend the money or not—just do it! You get a little zip bag just filled with goodies.  All different kinds of copics and a couple of refills.  It probably all retails for about $70 so to me that brings down the cost of the class considerably.

Now I am off to add my Copic logo to my sidebar.



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