Hello to All..Fellow Stamper Needs Our Help!

I know I have been a very bad blogger lately but I have been quite sick with pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection.  When I get sick I do it up right(-:

I have been on the computer very little because I just have not had the energy to look around.  I have been a total couch potato…and I don’t even watch t.v. so as you can well imagine it has been a very long few weeks.

Anyway I didn’t come on here to whine I wanted to write about a fellow stamper that needs our help.  Alison’s father has recently had a stroke and like many people at this time needs a helping hand.  We all know the crafting world is huge and  our love for one another, I believe, is beyond compare.  So please visit Alison’s blog and give her your love and your help.

She is offering a wonderful bargain of digi images for $10 with all of the money going to help take care of her fathers many medical expenses.

You can purchase this set at the Stretch & Bubbles Blog.

I know you will be as touched by this as I am and you will feel wonderful for helping out.  So open your heart and send her a hug.

Take Care
God Bless,


1 thought on “Hello to All..Fellow Stamper Needs Our Help!”

  1. Hello Cheri!!…

    I picked your character as the winner of the Artwork Giveaway!!:D…

    Please email me your address ASAP:). Thanks…And what a great character indeed!:)

    XO, Krista

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