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Let’s Play in the Sugar Bowl & Cute Card Thursday

Today is a beautiful day here in Michigan.  No rain or storms and it’s not too hot outside.  I’m quite happy with myself just for getting this card not only finished, but also posted on time for these two challenges.

The first challenge is The Sugar Bowl Challenge something girlie and feminine using a Sugar Nellie image.

The next challenge is over at Cute Card Thursday where you had to reuse or recycle something to make your card.  The flower is from a wedding we went to and the blue ribbon is from my birthday last week.

The cardstock is Bordering Blue from Stampin Up and the DP….ummm can’t remember.  All colored with my Copics which I am still learning to work with.  Almost forgot, this is the first time I have colored on Neenah Classic paper and I must admit I like it very much.  The colors did not bleed at all and I was able to get into the tiny little flowers with no problem.

The colors used were:
E50 E51 R20
YR23 Y21 Y23
RV32 RV34 R39
G14 FYG2
B21 B23
Y06 YRO4

I also used multiple Spicas to add glitter but I’m sure you can’t tell that from my pictures.  My camera skills leave a lot to be desired.

That’s all for now.  We are getting ready to go out to dinner for our Anniversary, which was actually Saturday, but tonight the whole family goes out, not just mom and dad.  I hope everyone has a great night and hopefully I will post again soon. Actually I have to post soon because I have promised a blog candy.  I am going to make it in honor of my return to cards.  I hope you will keep your eyes opened for it.


Thank You

Awards From My Blogging Friends!

I have been very behind in picking up awards from some of my blogging friends.  I do hope all of you will accept my sincere apologies for being so lacking as a friend as I promise to try and do better.

I have a few awards to list here and I would like to give a huge Shout Out and “Thank You” to those of you that have bestowed these upon me.

The first award here is from Susan on January 7, 2009, thank you very much. 


This award is also from Susan on November 27, 2008.  Again, thank you very much.

This award is from my wonderful friend Jacquie on November 19, 2008.  Thank you very much.

I received this beautiful award from my dear friend Janet on January 12, 2009.  Thank you very much.
If I have missed any of the awards that have been sent my way it has not been intentional.  If you would like to point it out to me I will be more than happy to correct the issue.
We all know that with every award there are rules that you need to pass out the awards to others that you fee are deserving of it.  I feel every one of my cyber friends are deserving of each of these awards and I cannot possibly list all of you.  So, to you my friends, here are you awards.  Please post them proudly on your blogs because you have all earned them.
Thank You

Hello Bellas!

Well, we just dropped my son off at the airport to fly back to sunny LA.  He was here for 6 days and it felt like about 2.  As much as he wanted some cooler air he was bundled up like an Eskimo for the past few days.  Right now it is 50 degrees here and I guess his blood just isn’t used to this Michigan weather anymore.  We had a birthday gathering for him yesterday and there was a bonfire in the backyard until the wee hours of the morning…where he froze his butt off.  It was so cool out there was dew on the grass which was great to me.  Now it will take me a couple of days to get out of my slump and quit feeling sorry for myself because he left.  I know I should look at it like it was great that I got to see him but it’s always bittersweet for me when he comes home because he always goes back to LA.  He and I played around with a new site for me and we transferred this blog info to the new site.  You can check it out at  Now that’s an easy one to remember!  I still have a lot to learn so I guess he will just have to come back again right.  Hope everyone has been well and I hope to get around to making a card or two this weekend.  Before I forget I want to send out a big thank you to Jacquie for sending me her awesome Witchybella Halloween card.  Danyel my bella sistah—I have not forgotten you, I promise!  I will talk to you soon.

Hugz 🙂