A Card For Michelle Oatman

I have already posted on my blog about Michelle and her injury.  There has been quit a drive for her for peple to send cards and make donations to help for her recovery.

You could send any card you wanted to her but I wanted to make one using one of the donkeys that was available….if you know about Michelle you understand why.  Anyway, I have been ill for the past 10 days and I just finished my card.  Unfortunately by the time I finished it and took the pictures of it….I missed the deadline by a couple of minutes, so I won’t be able to get in on the drawing.  That’s okay though.  What counts is the support we have given to Michelle in her time of need.
I thank those of you that have sent me emails asking me questions about her and also about Bella and her drive.  Everyone has been very supportive of both drives since I have posted them.
I must admit I was a little nervous about making Michelle a card.  I mean, come on, she is a top designer and I’m just little old me.  Then I decided it’s the thought that counts.  So here’s my card and I hope she enjoys it….again thanks to all of you that participated…I hope you got your cards done on time(-:


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