Tim Holtz Type Tutorial

Has anybody else out there seen the new Tim Holtz Rosette Die?  It’s actually really neat but you can’t get it until October.  Well if you’re anything like me you don’t like waiting.  So I tried to make one on my own and I thought I would share it with you.
Since this is my very  first time showing anybody how to do anything please bear with me here(-:

You need so few tools that I’m sure you all have them or can improvise.  All you need is a 12″ sheet of DP, your paper-cutter, I used my Scor–Buddy which is the smaller version of the Scor-Pal, 1″ punch, glue….that’s it!Here are the tools you need…I used glue dots but you don’t have to.In this picture is one completed Rosette and I cut a strip of paper 12″ by 1 1/4″.  I ave also punched out a 1″ circle for the base.Scor your paper every 1/4″.  On the Tim Holtz die one side is scalloped to give it a finished edge.  This is just my second attempt and I haven’t tried to scallop it yet but I’m quite sure it can be done.I turned it over and ran the Scor tool on the back also to make the paper easier to fold…just my preference.After you have Scor’d your paper you will need to cut one of the ends off so that when you fold the paper it lines up properly.This is what your paper will look like after you have folded it up accordion style.  Don’ try to hold it all in your hand, just make sure you keep folding in the right direction.After you are done folding-glue the ends together-they will match up perfectly if you have cut off one of the ends.  Be sure to have the design you want showing on the inside of the circle as the picture shows.Here is where I used my glue dots but you can use any kind of glue.  I also have the small piece I cut off showing so you can see that I have only cut off 1/4″.Now you’re going to gather the strip of paper and hold it together kind of like a small cupcake holder and set it onto whatever you have chosen to use for your base.  Be sure to press down so that it sticks good and doesn’t pop back off.While you are still holding this just push the paper out and down at the same time.  Your glue will hold it in place now.  You will then need another 1″ punch out to cover the top.Since I had used Halloween type paper I punched out a pumpkin.
As I said, this is just the second one I made but I think the possibilities are endless.  For my next one I will definitely try a scallop on the outside and decorating the middle with something more than just a pumpkin face.
I hope you enjoyed this little lesson.  Please let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “Tim Holtz Type Tutorial”

  1. Your tut was very clear. I was thinking, perhaps using those decorative scissors on the edge before folding to get not only the scalloped edge but other shaped edges as well.

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