Hello Bella Babes!!

Hi all-

I have been trying to play around with this blog a little bit.  I find it fun but intimidating at the same time.  Eventually I will figure it out I’m sure.  Besides I have all of you to ask questions, right? 

Here are a couple more cards I did.  I haven’t done any for a week or so but I didn’t want to put all of my cards up on one posting and bore all of you to death.  Not that I have that many really.  I enjoy coloring the pictures more than I do making the cards.  Must be my childhood rearing its ugly head LOL.

Yes, I do wish I could ride a bike
Yes, I do wish I could ride a bike

This next card is one I made for my brother.  His birthday is coming up this month so I thought I would try making a card for him.  Of cours it’s not a bella.

Driving by with a Birthday Hi!
Driving by with a Birthday Hi!

Thanks for looking.  I will gladly accept any criticism–good or bad.

Cheribella 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello Bella Babes!!”

  1. Your are doing fine my dear, everything is fantastic and your creations are beautiful. From an old lady though (45) the lime green hurts my eyes…..

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